‘What your teachings have meant for me, I cannot begin to put in words. I am so incredibly grateful, every day’

Ingrid Lammens – Yoga Pranala TT level I 08/18

‘Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend with Emil and Anouk.  Gosh I learnt a lot. Absolutely fantastic. To say that they’re are a special couple, kind, generous, gentle, humble and incredibly knowledgeable doesn’t do them justice. Simply wonderful.  I truly hope that they return again next year’

 Lisa Ansell- Oxford Workshop 2018

‘I was and still I am impressed by your presence, appearance and wisdom as a teacher and human being. You are something like a role model for me, someone I can look up to. You taught more than Yoga and with so much than words. I am so glad and grateful that I could be your student. I can’t imagine a better teacher’

Patrizia, Yoga Pranala TT level II 08/ 2018

‘Thank you for your beautiful light, support, teachings and friendship. You made Yoga life choice for me’

Bhavana Patel, Goa private class 2017

‘I just want to say thank you so much for the amazing training you gave us! I know for a fact that your gentle and kind demur was appreciated by all. We all expressed frequently how much we loved your classes and manner.

Your gentleness and inner strength is indeed exceptional! You were appreciated and loved deeply by all of us (especially me!!)’

Heidi Rendall – Yoga Pranala TT 2018

‘Conversations, poetry, music, rituals, silence… Emil and Anouk have so much to share! They are passionate and knowledgeable and remain always curious. Very discreet on social media, but so much respected by all their students and friends, you will find light and softness by their side, and will come back revitalised and more present to yourself and your environment.”

Isabelle Esposito – Conversations in Yoga 2016