‘When practicing Asana, Pranayama and meditation, while cultivating awareness beyond myself, traditional Yoga feels very complete as it stands on its own. I am not overwhelmed with looking, and searching for something else. Great tranquility and relief comes with knowing and experiencing this.’  


My thoughts on Yoga:

Working with breath, Asana and meditation, the practice of Yoga gives me an opportunity to access a sense of clarity, serenity, a ‘clear space of awareness’ where, when I am there, I am not troubled by the constant turnings and identifications of my mind, nor the limitations of my body. The resonance of this is felt in my days and even though, our life is full of unpredictable changes, it becomes an inspiration to continue Yoga as a daily practice. On another layer, Yoga takes me beyond my small sense of Self and allows me to experience a reality that is much larger than I habitually perceive. This is what I wish to share with others. 

On this background, I honour Yogic and Buddhist philosophical thoughts and the practices of Pranayama and meditation.

I particularly treasure one of Yoga’s gifts to humanity: its emphasis on the relationship between ourselves and the other, one which includes all beings and nature around us; a remarkable concept drawn from ancient India. Of course, it is a challenge to sustain a fluid stream of tolerance, non-violence, kindness and contentment in our daily lives, but I believe we can grow to become beautiful, more aware and content human beings and it can start from the depths of our own individual inquiry and contemplative work.

Today, my teachings in Yoga are inspired by my heart teacher and husband Emil Wendel, with whom I continue to learn during class and in daily life.

My Yogic path and teaching:

 After attending my first class in 1997, Yoga soon became a daily practice in and beyond its physical aspects: 

 1997-2010 Practicing Yoga in studios in Boston, San Diego, Reykjavik, Paris. Besides establishing a home self-practice, during this time I regularly took workshops with senior teachers Richard Freeman, Nancy Gilgoff, Petri Raisanen, Mark and Joanne Darby, Mathew Sweeney and Rolf Naujokat

 2006-2008 Ashtanga Vinyasa with Ingibjörg Stefansdóttir at Yogashala, Reykjavik

 2007 One week Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training Immersion with David Swenson in Edinburgh, Scotland

 2008 Completion of 500hr YA Teacher Training at Brahmani Yoga with Julie Martin and Melanie Cooper

 2009 Started teaching for the first time at Yogashala Reykjavik under the guidance of Ingibjörg Stefansdóttir leading classes of Mysore, Ahstanga Vinyasa led, and begginers courses

 2010 -2014 Assisting Julie Martin at the Brahmani level I Teacher Trainings. Also began to teach at these Teacher Trainings. Taught walk-in Mysore and Pranayama and meditation classes at Brahmani Yoga. This encompassed six to four consecutive months in Goa every year

 2010 – 2012 Praticed Ashtanga Vinyasa series I and II with Rolf Naujokat and Marci in Goa

 2012 Level II Shakti Spirit Yoga and Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Rachel Hull in Bali 

 2013 Level II Yoga Teacher Training at Brahmani Yoga with Julie Martin and Emil Wendel 

2013 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Jodi Boone in Goa

2014-2015 Attended workshops with Glenn Ceresoli and BKS Iyengar’s senior disciple H.S Arun in Bangalore and Goa 

2014-2018 Teaching public classes at Intuitive Flow Yoga School in Bali for periods of two to three months per year 

2013-2019 Taught twice a year at Linda Madani’s Intuitive Flow teach training the module of :  Pranayama & meditation and from 2016-2019 twice a year ‘The Art of Teaching Asana’ module 

2015- Onwards Assisting and teaching with Louisa Sear at Yoga Arts

 2010- Ongoing Mentorship in the field of Yoga philosophy and the Pranayama / meditation under the guidance of  Emil Wendel


‘We don’t have to devalue the other in order to validate our own’  ~ Anouk