21 - 28 December 2019

The retreat

The idea of this retreat was born out the gratitude and appreciation both of us have for the teachings  India and Yoga have provided us through our years of Sadhana.

Our intention for this retreat is to provide a holistic and practical approach, which merges this ancient living tradition with our current era’     Anouk & Daniela

‘The Retreat delivers more that I had expected, having done two others in Japan and Cambodia previously. Anouk and Daniela are dedicated teachers who share generously on their areas of expertise.  Carefully planned programme, which was at the same time fluid.  I also cherished the chance to visit a charity to share Christmas cheers.  Thank you both.’  Wendy Gwee (Singapore)

The teachers and what they share:


Anouk Aoun Wendel

For Anouk, the Asana in Yoga is there to help us feel better within our bodies, to stir and release all the ‘stuff’ that we accumulate throughout our days, to help build Prana or ‘energy’ and allow it to move freely within our bodies, and finally to assist us to prepare for the deeper practices of Yoga

In the Indian Hatha Yoga tradition, it is often said that the breath is the link between the physical practice and the practices addressing the mind.In the early mornings during the retreat, Anouk will be leading you into the practices of working with the breath. These Pranayama are clearly influencing us on a physiological level and yet at the same time are conducive to meditation 

After early morning meditation and before Asana there stands the practice of Mouna (noble silence). This is an interval to take in the rising of the day, or write in your journals. Anouk‘s Asana classes combine movement and stillness in a gracious and non-rigid way 

During some of the afternoons we will dive into restorative practices to replenish and begin to re-learn the art of simply being. On other days, Anouk will give a talk about Pranayama and, along with Daniela’s valuable contribution, we will explore how to include Yogic ideas into our lives 

Daniela Wolff

Health begins with proper digestion – a strong “Agni” (digestive fire). To reap the benefits of healthy eating we must properly digest and assimilate the foods that we eat

Therefore, Daniela will talk first about the cornerstones of good digestion: the use of fresh, seasonal and regional food, supportive food combinations, preparing simple meals, following the circadian rhythm, integrating the healing power of spices, knowing the ‘6 tastes’, eating at the right time and in the right quantity

In general, we learn to integrate the Ayurvedic principles of eating in a practical way for our everyday life at home, so we can begin to eat (and live) with greater intelligence (or common sense). We discuss reasons for food intolerances and solutions, examine modern diet ideas (vegan, paleo, ketogenic, raw etc.) and see, what is working for our own bellies

There will be time to share individual topics in Q&A discussions

During some of the afternoons, Daniela will delight us showing a few simple yet essential Ayurvedic recipes in the kitchen

Please see her website here:

An idea of the Daily schedule

06:00 – 07:00: Pranayama and meditation with Anouk

07:00 – 07:30: A quiet break with Daniela’s chai

07:30 – 09:30: Asana with Anouk

11:00 – 13:00: Lecture by Daniela

13:30 – 14:30: Lunch

14:30 – 16:30: Resting time

16:30 – 18:30: Lecture by Anouk or Daniela

18:45 – 19:30: Dinner

(During some evenings, there will be an after dinner program)

The venue: Satsanga Retreat Centre 

Our retreat will take place at the beautiful Satsanga Centre in Goa. We are very familiar with this venue and appreciative of all it provides. We have been teaching retreats there for the last eight years 

For more information please visit its website:


The retreat will start on Saturday 21 at 17:00 with a welcome circle

The retreat ends on Saturday 28 at 12:00 after a closing circle and common brunch

For airport transport please directly contact Satsanga:



The Cost

The fees are Euro 950

 This includes accommodation for 7 nights at Satsanga Retreat, all meals, and the retreat fees. The fees are based on twin-shared accommodation

Please note this retreat is limited to 10 participants.To secure a place, an advance amount of Euro 200 is required.

For each participant that signs up Anouk and Daniela donates to a project involved in planting trees or in renewable energy


‘In one word, authentic! I’ve participated in many yoga retreats, and Anouk and Daniela are the real deal. They mindfully blend their expertise to create a balanced yoga retreat for all levels. If you want to learn, practice, and experience the delicious benefits of Yoga and Ayurveda in a nurturing environment, this retreat is right for you.’      Teresa Giustino   (Italy-Texas-Japan)

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